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Psychotherapeutic Counselling, EcoTherapy & Medicine Woman in Bexhill East Sussex

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Regain Your Power With Therapy in Bexhill or Online

Cherrie Joy on Bexhill beach in East Sussex

Psychotherapy in Bexhill or Online

Although it feels like you are in the shadowlands, this is the platform from which you can awaken to your divine and unique truth. This is how you will move forward into embodying the full lightness of living in alignment with your soul’s path.

An EcoTherapy session in Bexhill Forrest

EcoTherapy in Bexhill, East Sussex

During our EcoTherapy sessions, we will get out and about in our local Bexhill natural spaces of the coastline or woodland. We will feel into the spirit of Mother Earth and how your own Divine nature is undeniably linked to the pulse of our living planet.

Women's circle around a fire in Bexhill East Sussex

Bexhill Women's Circles

In our Bexhill Women’s circle, we are all equal. We each have a unique offering to bring to the space and our own wisdom to share around the purifying flames of the fire. I aim to bring womxn together in community, creating a safe space and inviting the formation of a Sisterhood.

"I felt Safe..."
From my first email with Cherrie, to actually meeting her I felt safe and nurtured to continue with therapy - even though I was very nervous - anonymous, therapy client
I finally feel looser, less constricted..."
I finally feel looser, less constricted and have alternative ways to feel free, to be the real me!​ - anonymous, therapy client
"I have an awesome, self driven career I love..."
I have an awesome, self-driven career I love, working with people I now love, with the knowledge that I won't go back to 'that' place. Ever! - Anonymous, therapy client
"I finally have the tools I need.."
I finally have the tools I need to deal with the rage and what to do when my "beast' is poked. I can access what I need inside of me whenever I need to - even at bedtime! - anonymous therapy client
"I was in crisis, I am now in a very good place..."
I was in crisis and suicidal; I am now in a very good place. I can't thank Cherrie enough - anonymous, therapy client
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Meet your therapist

Hi, I’m Cherrie Joy, a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, EcoTherapist & Psychologist based in Bexhill, East Sussex. As a Medicine Woman I specialise in working with those who are burnt out physically, feel an affinity with nature, yet are disconnected from their energy source, and spirituality desiring a new perspective. If you have a desire to work holistically and heal yourself I can help you rediscover your soul Joy and heal anything in the way of the greatest version of you.

Please take a look around and, if you feel called, do say hello. The journey back to your peace, balance and Joy, has to start somewhere. I’ll make it as gentle, yet powerful, as possible.

Portrait of Cherrie Joy
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Your step towards therapy begins here

Book a free discovery call

Use this time with Cherrie to identify if psychotherapy online or in-person EcoTherapy is the right fit for you and if we’re the right fit for each other. This zero obligation call gives you a chance to ask all your questions to make an empowered and informed decision. Reach out to check availability and arrange a call.

Secure your seat at the next Women’s Circle in Bexhill

Join like-minded heart-centred women as we journey through life; sharing our stories, experiences and transitions as we meet around the fire in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex

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