About Cherrie

Hi, I’m Cherrie,

I help people move through their moments of darkness, towards more light, peace and Joy. I am challenging yet always kind and don’t shy away from humour in the work – no pofaced cross leggedness from me and awkward silences are rare here!

I am here to help you reimage your future into the best version of you therefore being ‘real’ is imperative. Which means you can come ‘as you are’.

I work with the darkness of loss, pain, despondency, burn out, deep sadness, and loss of identity. If you are facing a sense of dissonance and loneliness that you think you will never navigate through, I work with you to move through these shadows. Beyond this tapping into your ability to shine more brightly than you have before. I guide you through the process of reconnecting to your divine essence and uncover your innately powerful nature.

No matter how challenging things are right now, I am an expert at helping people just like you to find the exact sparks you need to expand and manifest what you truely desire. You ARE in the right place – at the right time. However sad and lost you feel, I am here.

My Approach

I create a safe and dynamic space for us to explore and journey together. I focus on really hearing your struggles, in your words – not directing you to where I think the problem is. Every person is different, and my role is to make sure your soul’s expression has the space to shine through in our work together. To really hear you and what your soul needs.

Loss of anything that is close to us sets us on a journey of grief, bereavement and pain. Especially if loss is repeated and supressed into emotional and physical pains or misdirections.

Lack in any area of our life brings unwelcome anxieties and moods that are hard to shift beyond.

Confusion, betrayal and abandonment shows up unexpectidly as a wild card to be integrated, however unwelcome and dark.

My training as Psychologist and Master’ess in traditional Psychotherapy allows me to act as your guide through any challenges and chaos you face; I am here to shine light on the path towards clarity where the light hasn’t been for a while.

It is time for therapy to be rewilded. If you choose to work with me outside, on the beach or in the woodland, I can help you to experience the grounding effects of nature and the healing magic of the natural world. Trees, oceans and the earth’s spirit can be our guide if we tune in.

Through this work we begin to nurture and noticing, we begin to reconnect with our truest and purest essence and awaken long-forgotten aspects of ourselves.

I am also a Medicine Woman through the practices of EcoPsychotherapy, Fire Circles, Cacao plant medicine and ancient wisdoms such as tender listening, somatic movement and meditative 5d practice. Some say I am ‘Woo’ – not totally Woo-Woo… just a little more Woo than your usual Bexhill talking therapist.

Let’s work together to help you rediscover your light, peace and Joy – and more.

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