Heal pain and loss… with each monthly bleed as our guide

To be around a menstruating woman, I am sure all would agree, is a unique (also read ‘somewhat unpredictable’) experience, spanning near on 35 years. Physically, hormonally, emotionally, energetically it is a very different and unique experience on each, and every, occasion. Yet I regularly see little attention given to this regular(ish) pattern interrupter of life – which, by the way, how did it get named ‘monthly’ when so many of us often do not synch to this calendar! Combine this with my own experiences as a woman, Daughter and Mother, led my Psychologist curiosity to delve into the relationship our ‘monthlies’ has with our emotional and mental lives, and intrinsically what healing opportunities there are when we lean into our menstrual cycle; whatever the length.

A bleeding woman, and those close to her, are taken on a journey through a cycle of some kind. Ordinarily what the journey actually is, only becomes ‘known’ afterwards, and upon a great deal of reflection, space and time. Yet if we are receptive to this cyclical process of releasing and cleansing, it becomes clear that we can encounter a greater understanding of our enormous power and potential creativity; which we can tune into when we menstruate and take a break from the usual going’s on of daily life. Attention can be drawn close into the body and the natural process of our cleansing. Albeit it is not always possible to rest, our bodies undeniably call us to stop on some level. Sometimes shouting with PMS or pains that take us to our bed – or worse.

Reading for a challenge?

Understanding menstruation as a power is usually the first, and least expected step, into this great awakening. So if you are sceptical but would like a challenge please read on… Maybe you like thinking of your bleed as an unwelcome, messy, annoyance, but long for greater understanding of how this chaos has the potential to create the miracle of life and unimaginable untapped creativity?

Yes – Welcome to co-creating your beautiful boundless life.

No – No great shakes 😉 reach for the tampons and meds and forget we met.

In my writing, as in my work, I stand on the shoulders of many wise women, my favourites include Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer & Alexandra Pope of the Red School and Lara Owen author of Her Blood is Gold (1993). They speak into the power we can harness from awareness of the stages of our cycle and the inner Spring (first days of cycle), Summer (ovulation), Autumn (pre-menstrual phase) and Winter (menstruation). It is this work I draw upon in gathering understanding of each woman’s unique cycle when I work Psychotherapeutically to the heart and mind of each challenge she meets.

Cycle awareness has profound power

When cycle awareness is weaved into Psychotherapy work, that gives prominence to our unconscious patterns of behaviour and ways of relating, we are able to consider the wholeness of our person and our cyclical nature at a much, much deeper level. We work alongside the natural and unconscious cues from our unique cycle.

Working in this way highlights natural areas where patterns are stuck, bleeding out, rage filled, not as fertile as hoped, darker than expected, too late or too soon. Nature has such a special relationship with our bodies and minds that can be worked with in this way to release pains, blocks and lack. Profound healing is experienced in all areas of our lives and can be brought into practice for our bodies, minds, souls. To manifest a life we previously may only have imagined becoming reality.

Cycle awareness is key in understanding our physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and the dynamics at play in our relationships and key family and ancestral patterns that trace back eons. However, in our now 24/7 super speedy western culture, do we have time for the cycles of nature to have such a profound impact?

Maybe the reusable knickers and period poverty movements are just enough input for today?

I hear, that as women of today, we WANT to hear more, we YEARN to attune more deeply with our internal, physical and spiritual being. We invite that intimate space and time to stop, to bleed, to hear, to tune INWARDS.

Tune in Sister

I offer deep attention to the menstrual cycle as a key focus of therapy work when we are faced with:

Cherrie Joy taking part in EcoTherapy in Bexhill Forrest

Who would have thought that a ‘time of the month’ we tend to ‘dread’ is actually such a wellspring of healing information to draw from?

Generally, when you come to Psychotherapy with me it tends to be because something is up. Misaligned, sad, confusing or at a stuck impasse causing pain, destruction or a general desperate state of affairs. This means that when we take time to see reflections of this upset and chaos it shows up mirrored in our internal natural cycles and the natural cycles of the world around us.

That’s where I come in your guide to utilising the power of your cycle. Working as an Eco-Psychotherapist I utilise my experience with the menstrual cycle and the patterns of the world we see in nature. We begin to enquire where the rage is, what the sadness wants us to hear, when we need to act and when is time to take deep rest. The seasons and pulls of the earth and ocean calls us to stop and tune in, pay attention to the bird song, feel into the tides, check out the beauty. Restore our landscapes with compost and mulches of the old stuff that no longer serves us.

As healing as it is to talk – as it is to be in nature;

combined we co-create with greater ease and at your peaceful pace.

Seeking to restore balance to the ‘somewhat unpredictable’;

to synch with your cyclical, natural, powerful Woman.

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