Medicine Woman

Sometimes, on the odd occasion, you come across a likeminded soul who you connect with, who speaks your language on multiple levels – combining all the approaches you value; getting you in a fundamental way.

My traditional Psychotherapy practice has grown to embrace Eco-Therapy and the ancient wisdoms of natural health as a Medicine Woman. Finding, seeking and exploring alternative mental, physical, spiritual and soul paths to the ‘symptoms’ of modern day womanhood.

I am the woman who asks how is your period? So do you work for an enlightented employer? Did you know Oregano is a natural antibiotic? How do you/plan to juggle finances and parenting? How does modern day living impact your libido? Do you rest (like really rest)?

If you are in pain and seeking healing regarding fertility concerns, black bleeds, miscarriage, mis-bleeds, cysts, painful periods, postnatal depression or ongoing cycle concerns my approach is set up to hold you fully through the therapeutic process towards being free from you struggles and towards getting more of what you desire.

When you are down right done with the ‘modern way’ of treating women’s ‘issues’ I am here and take you on a journey with your ancient feminine wisdom for your healing.

What to expect from this work?

Each session is tailormade to your needs and will include a unique combination of:

Energetic decording

Letting go of anything that no longer serves you and allowing it to pass beyond your energetic field.

Divine Feminine Focus

Focussing on our inner and outward cycles to bring forth new conceptions, of all kinds!

Cacao led practice

Gracefully bringing your through any discontent, fear or pain.

EcoNidra Meditations

A deep nature based meditation connecting body, mind, spirit and earth.

Somatic Movement practices

Stretch, move or dance your way into heart led somatic healing. Body and soul unite.

Vibrational Clarity

Weaving into our awareness the work of David Hawkins Scale of Consiousness and clarifying each step we take with our vibrations.

Investment is a minimum 3 month commitment


Weekly one-one sessions Face to Face in Bexhill, East Sussex or Online

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