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Psychotherapy in Bexhill

Cherrie Joy: Psychotherapist in Bexhill

Break free from the unconscious patterns

It’s often hard to pinpoint the moment that things became too much. Burnout, disconnection, anxiety, self-loathing – they can creep up on us. Once we reach the point of needing to ask for help, even making the morning coffee can feel like climbing a mountain against the rage of emotions. That’s why I want to celebrate you for making it here because exploring if psychotherapy will help you, is the beginning.

Feel empowered in your discernment & build trust

You are no longer “on it” alone. Just by making it this far you have overcome one of the most difficult hurdles on your journey towards rediscovering your balance, peace and Joy .

When you fall you are ready to start your ascent and that is what therapy is; an ascent.

Although it feels like you are in the shadowlands, this is the platform from which you can awaken to your divine and unique truth. Psychotherapy has helped many of my clients to move beyond that place. The first therapy session alone offers you a true understanding of exactly where you are and opens up the potential to fully embody lightness. Allow yourself to be guided back into alignment with your soul’s path.

Cherrie Joy: Therapist in Bexhill

What happens in Psychotherapy?

My clients come to me when they feel shaken from their own centre and need to step back into alignment and trust. They can see me for 1:1 psychotherapy in Bexhill or from anywhere in the UK, online. The reason people seek psychotherapy may be a result of trauma, loss, anxiety, lack, burnout, or from waking up and realising they are living a path that feels out of balance with the spark they can feel igniting somewhere deep within.

During therapy sessions I work with you to shine a light on the patterns and repeating cycles that play out time and again, and investigate the root cause of your discontent to realign the strands of your life. Together we can unearth the disenchantement and make way for a new way of being. Fully grounded in what it means to be YOU.

Pyschotherapy sessions can be held in-person in Bexhill or over a video call online. It’s up to you, empowered decision making and discernment starts here. Psychotherapy sessions are always 1:1 with myself and are approx 50 minutes long.

Working with me always starts with a free 15 minute discovery call. We can talk over the phone or on Zoom about where you’re at and where we go from there…

Cherrie Joy: Psychotherapist in Bexhill & EcoTherapist

Meet your therapist

Hi I’m Cherrie Joy, a psychotherapist, ecotherapist and medicine-woman based in Bexhill-on-Sea.

If you want to work towards positive change & healing in a confidential space​ either via in-person therapy in Bexhill or online, please do not hesitate to schedule a free discovery call with me.

Alternatively you can learn more about me here.

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Direct Joy is an ongoing series I started back in March 2021. Direct Joy is live streamed on my Facebook page for free, and replays are available on my IGTV as well as my YouTube channel. Throughout the series I have discussed challenges we often face and come across with our Mental Health. I also answer all of your emotional well-being and Mental Health questions. Check out previous Direct Joy videos through my Instagram or YouTube channel, or tune in Live on my Facebook page! 

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