EcoTherapy in bexhill, East sussex

EcoPsychotherapy in Bexhill's forestland and coastline

Cherrie Joy in Bexhill forest taking part in EcoTherapy

Step out of the slipstream and root into nature

Every single one of us is a natural being at heart. It therefore stands to reason that the depth (or absence) of our connection with the living world affects how balanced we feel in ourselves. Connecting with our beautiful green planet via EcoPsychotherapy in Bexhill opens doors within us that are otherwise kept firmly closed to our conscious mind.

People come to therapy having experienced high levels of stress, overwork and ultimately burnout, and that means they have shut down parts of themselves in order to cope with the pressure they are under. Equally, if you experience repeating patterns in your live, you can guarantee there is something underlying that we need to unearth. This could be trauma, grief, loss, sadness or an unconsciously held belief that needs to be released.

Re-open yourself to choice & empowerment

Deeply held beliefs and emotions can lead to persistent depression, anxiety, struggles to conceive, and cyclical interruptions which challenge how we show up in our relationships and family lives in the way we would like. Ultimately, we are unable to access the Joy that is our birth right and make choices from an inner knowing,

Think of your mind as a flower bed. We must tend to the parts of ourselves that we wish to bring into bloom and uproot the troublesome weeds at their deepest source. When we are busy and thinking chaotically, we forget to loosen the soil, and our troubles become packed ever more deeply. To reach them again, we must tend to the earth and look beneath the surface.

An EcoTherapy session in Bexhill Forrest

What can you expect from an EcoPsychotherapy session?

EcoTherapy sessions take place out and about in the natural spaces, coastline or woodland of Bexhill. We feel into the spirit of Mother Earth and how your own Divine nature is undeniably linked to the pulse of our living planet. By going through the motions of noticing small things in nature, we begin to see the parallels in our own lives.

Join me in metaphorically and literally digging deep, into the earth and into your own true spirit. Feeling into the tides moving and turning with the cyclical seasons of who you are. You ARE already whole. Let’s uncover the missing parts of you and reconnect you to the elements. After all, they make you who you truly are.

How does EcoPsychotherapy differ from traditional talking therapy?

Exploring our connection to nature while we walk and talk, or as we sit in the peace and beauty of nature, can allow deeper revelations than traditional talking therapy or psychotherapy. Harmonising ourselves with nature undeniably brings down the baseline of our nervous system, putting unhelpful thought patterns to rest and allowing our true essence to shine through. This is how I guide you back to your natural state of inner peace.

I finally feel looser, less constricted and have alternative ways to feel free, to be the real me!

Anon, 42 years

Cherrie in woods Psychotherapy and EcoPsychotherapy

Meet your therapist

Hi I’m Cherrie Joy, a Psychotherapist, Ecotherapist and Medicine-woman based in Bexhill, East Sussex.

If you want to work towards positive change & healing in a confidential space​ either via in-person therapy in Bexhill or online, please do not hesitate to schedule a free discovery call with me.

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