Is the Holy Grail of quick fix therapy actually possible?

What would you say if I told you I had a quick fix one-time treatment that would clean out the bad thoughts and replace them with positive vibes only?

It sounds like the Holy Grail of therapy is to be able to wipe our minds clean of those experiences and emotions we feel we could have done without. But there’s a downside to becoming a clean slate. In having no recollection of anything ‘bad’ we would also lose all the wisdom we’ve been unknowingly gathering while living this precious, unique and vulnerable human life. All those golden nuggets would be lost without a trace.

Even so, we are so used to being able to ‘Ctrl + Z’ our mistakes and pre-order our shopping to arrive on demand. It can feel frustrating that there isn’t a way to fast-forward effective emotional healing and Google search what exactly is standing in the way of us moving on.

Many of my clients come to me after trying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or other similar quick-fix strategies such as Psychological Therapies, DBT or Health in Mind. These are sold as ‘formulas’ to help them learn their way out of unhelpful thinking and break the cycle of negativity. Often badged as ‘proven’ approaches, they can be a very seductive and convincing lifeline.

Don’t get me wrong. These are potentially empowering tools once the foundations of self-love, self-worth and self-comprehension have been laid. But until this is all aligned, we are only working on mind level.

The fact is, we are multi-layered, multidimensional beings

We are complex, and to meet ourselves in our toughest moments, we have to know who we REALLY are. Changing our thought processes is all well and good, but if the programme that is running underneath those patterns is still the same, we’ll be fighting those thoughts until the day we die. And worse, we are not giving ourselves the chance to take a closer look for the gifts that have been woven into our ‘bad’ experiences, like flecks of gold scattered among the dust.

The real work comes with getting up close to those emotions and memories. Close enough to start panning for those flecks of gold. We must begin to search beyond the heavy thoughts we can ‘hear’ in our minds and ask ourselves what lies in the unconscious that we don’t ordinarily perceive. We must go in search of those pearls of wisdom that are just waiting to be gathered up, dusted off and treasured.

So how do we actually do this work?

So how do we begin to play in the murky shadows, to discover the parts of ourselves that our thoughts don’t even know exist? And how long will it take…?

It won’t surprise you to hear me say there is no fast-track to healing. But this ‘work’ isn’t the kind you’re used to hearing about. It doesn’t have to be hard, gruelling or onerous. Since when did a journey of self-discovery feel heavy and morose? Because that’s what we’re talking about here. Discovering more of who you are and giving those parts permission to star in the story of your life!

This is the work I have been doing with my one-to-one clients for over a decade. It is also something I am now offering through Wise&Joy a monthly subscription providing access to an online resource pool and virtual sanctuary.

My approach combines the traditional methodologies of psychotherapy and the inherent ancient wisdom we all have within us – this is where I feel the real magic lies. My passion is to make this available as widely as possible.

Guidance to the deepest healing

I believe we all know how to heal ourselves deep down, but this requires remembering our own true nature, and this is where we often need a little help. Even those among us who consider ourselves emotionally intelligent and spiritually attuned need guidance to hone our understanding of the deepest parts of ourselves. These have often been buried away for so long, and so deeply, they need to be retrieved in parts, and always in Divine timing.

So, is there such a thing as quick fix therapy? If you haven’t already gathered, it’s a resounding no. But the good news is, the process of ‘working’ through the drab, grey and dusty trappings of what we feel is blocking us isn’t the arduous task you may have been imagining. It’s an opportunity to unearth your shiniest gems and put them back where they belong – right at the heart of how you show up for yourself and to the world.

If you’d like to start the process, you know where to find me. And I’ll be delighted to help you get started on your search for your personal stash of gold. The treasure inside you is just waiting to be rediscovered.

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