The wind woke me last night

Not much wakes me when I am slumbering but the howl of the wind is an indication of something a foot. Pay attention! Baton down the hatches – hold tight. A bit like the notion of ‘a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ (Chanel). A wonder of what is about to be blown up…literally or metaphorically questioning the stability of our structures and that which we usually feel the need to protect and baton down. What are we invited to change when the wind blows away? I can tend to feel a little mummy spider with my cobwebs in these moments.

I don’t usually read the wind on the water as I am invited to as a sailor; the noise of life as a working Mum is a fast paced dusk to dawn (and beyond) jam up of “can you find”, “what’s to eat”, “wipe my bum”, “where are you going?”, “What snacks are there”, “oh but please, can I have please?”. Fitting in the obligatory self care in between these times usually looks like remembering to breathe and echoing howls behind me as I close the door and escape to a yoga class or the utility room with my trusty washing machine.

Trusting my process

I listened go P!nk’s latest release this morning (on the loo, hiding -of course) whilst simultaneously deciding the next move for my business (which bit idea was yet another ‘lesson’ this time), planning dinner and the families latest cleaning rota strategy that WILL work this time – please, oh but please.

All this remembered and hashed together into some semblance of making little sense in the wee hours as the wind awakens me and I instinctively find a sense of knowing. I just know. I know that I am reaching for a greater version of myself and a deeper healing and connection.

This is living right?

I tune into her and hear the wholeness of the wind; her Direction, Speed, Risk factor (no it wasn’t an hurricane but of course I had to check!), it’s energy, chill factor and all the resounding ripples through my universe.

This knowing is primal and instinctive bringing me straight back into alignment. Have I got this?

TBH I never do, there is always a lesson, room to dance with more of what is to come AND an invitation to do both more and less I am never complete. That isn’t living right? The only thing I know for sure, in my experience, is that the only thing we can know for sure is where the love is – love yourself love others and love all that is Divine. That’s what the wind is, a reminder of connection to the Divine – however you drop into that for you. A call to hear the whisper, the howls, the ripples and the hurricanes as your Source of all that is.  

Rise & face the wind

So it seems that wind tells us a lot about whether there is cyclonic action or a draught that needs plugging somewhere irritating. How we can check into get clearer on who we are, what we are doing and where we are going, with whom and when. What anxiety is blown up, where is the lack, who is a potential toxic relationship pattern repeat, when and where will the change come?

As a therapist I dip and ascend with the thermals always endeavouring to seek healing; not to get caught in the dramas of the hurricanes and survive the cyclones and always reaching to help a fellow in flight, or who is grounded, or tending a broken wing.

The element of wind is said to be a facing to the East. I have also heard the call for Women of the West to rise to heal the world. So today I hear this call from the wind as a cry to rise up from the West and look to the East – where the winds of change blow and let’s blow away the battles of doubt and betrayal, the brokenness and the fears, the shames and the distorted love.

Rising with Love and Peace and Joy. Always listening for the wind’s Divine wisdom and for the call to work and rise.

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