Women’s Circle Bexhill

Reviving the Ancient Practice of Sharing Stories...

In our Bexhill Women’s circle, we are all equal. No judgement, no hierarchy, no questions asked. We each have a unique offering to bring to the space and our own wisdom to share around the purifying flames of the fire.

I aim to bring womxn together in community, creating a safe space and inviting the formation of a Sisterhood. We intentionally plant the seeds of healthy authentic connection by offering support and kinship to each other.

Sitting in Circle, telling our own truths and listening to the stories of others, is an ancient practice of our ancestors. Storytelling bridges the gaps between realms, cultures and generations. It helps us to tap into the collective wisdom of our community and the continuous nature of the heartbeat of life; a circle with no beginning and no end.

Join like-minded heart-centred women as we journey through life; sharing our stories, experiences and transitions as we meet around the fire in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex. We meet on either Wednesday or Friday closest to each New and Full Moon to set intentions for the month ahead, and to join together with love, inclusivity, peace and Joy.

We witness each other as we seed these intentions and tell the stories that have brought us here. Together, as a sisterhood, we help each other to move away that which no longer serves us, acknowledging and releasing the past into the safe container of our collective energy.

Communing together in this way encourages us to tap into our own ancient feminine wisdom. Through this sacred and ancient practice of sharing stories, we open ourselves to a sense of unity with all that is, and to our own divine essence. We listen, share and give thanks to ourselves and each other for co-creating the opportunity to rebirth our own reality through inspired authentic connection.

The Practical Details

Our meeting space is located in the centre of Old Town Bexhill, within the grounds of Pit Stop Youth Charity. We meet within these beautiful grounds where we can enjoy the peace nature provides – a sanctuary situated within the heart of our community.

Indoor facilities are also available for use if the elements dictate. There are accessible toilets as well as changing facilities, making the group suitable for all. Parking is available nearby at Manor Barn and it’s just a short walk or bus journey from Bexhill Train station.

Payment is a £15 investment. Ceremonial Grade Cacao (raw hot chocolate) is included in your ticket.

If you have any questions about attending, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I look forward to welcoming you to your place in the circle.

Contact Cherrie for more details

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