When I first heard about Women’s Circles, I was initially a little sceptical. What could an ancient practice – sitting around sharing stories with other women have to offer our modern-day world? Haven’t we moved so far forward in our thinking, our lives, our way of viewing the world that we have gone beyond needing practices from the past that are surely outdated and possibly, now seen as, a little eccentric?

But it got me thinking. I pondered this for a while and thought about the way we live our lives today compared with how our ancestors would have lived. Have we actually moved forward, towards a better reality for ourselves and our mental health, or have we just moved further away from where we came from? Is getting further from our roots perhaps in itself the root of some our modern-day difficulties?

When I began to ask myself what some of my clients’ biggest struggles really are, it began to make more sense to me. Many people who come to me say they feel lonely. This often seem incongruous with their reality. Most are married, some are single but say they’re busy all the time, and many of them tell me they have a close group of friends who they feel they can open up to.


So, what is it that causes loneliness if it’s not a lack of friends, connections and people we talk to and socialise with?

Often when we speak with those closest to us, we tell them our troubles and woes, and describe in great detail exactly what’s going wrong, and how we feel about it. But despite this, and perhaps even because of it, the real truth of the matter often evades us. We don’t realise that we’re missing a key piece of the puzzle.

If things keep going ‘wrong’ we blame the circumstances, the people around us, the unfairness of life itself. What we can learn through a different kind of reflection, within a safe, non-judgemental and multi-faceted space, is how much of what hurts us are the stories we believe about WHY things happen the way they do. These stories, which we pick up subconsciously from our upbringing and the society we will live in, do not reflect the truth about each and every one of us – which is that we are worthy of love, respect and the things that we desire.


So how does this relate to a Bexhill Women’s Circle?

In order to see the world in this way, we need to be surrounded by others who can reflect this back to us. We need to get away from the unhelpful messages we often receive from our busy, modern world, and back to seeing things much more simply.

Meeting as a group of Women is bringing back the very simple practice of sitting in circle. Women – from all backgrounds, faiths, cultures and generations – sit together in equality, often around an open fire, and set the intention to share open-heartedly. The fire itself reminds us to burn away that which no longer serves us. To let go of the beliefs that hold us back from creating new patterns in our lives.

The women who join the circle are willing to hold space, without judgement and without presupposition. Being surrounded by others willing to see the world from the perspective of pure LOVE and harmony has a way of allowing you to see straight to the heart of the matter. It is a space where we stand in our truth, and begin not only to be TRULY heard by others but to hear ourselves in our own hearts.

The spaces our ancestors would create had an energy of equality, integrity and love for all, no matter where we have come from or what religious or spiritual beliefs we hold. Through revisiting these practices we begin to cocreate a beautiful community focused on overall wellbeing, through authenticity, compassion and mutual respect. These are the spaces that will allow us to get the heart of the matter. It is in this way that we will each move forward on our own personal journey, bringing the best parts of our past, and our Divinely seeded roots, with us for the ride.


How to join us?

If you’d like to join us in circle, we meet monthly on a Wednesday evening closest to the New Moon (the greatest time to set our intentions for the month ahead). Our meeting space is located in the centre of Old Town Bexhill, within the grounds of Pit Stop Youth Charity. Payment is by cheerful donation (£7/£11/£33) follow the link below to book your place around the fire:


See the Women’s Circle page for full details of our meetings and how to find us.


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